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The Making of A Star


We believe that every child can be STAR and can achieve his or her full learning potentials. It is therefore our aim that our students are happy through learning as we try to groom independent and ambitious students who enjoy learning in a conducive environment like ours.

With our relentless support and assistance, our students are able to set their own targets or goals, press towards them and hit at close range to become the STAR with an outstanding success story to share. While we take cognizance of students that require special attention, we believe that not everyone can be at the TOP of the class, so we encourage expectation of high academic achievement for all.

At Destiny Christian Academy, we create a conducive atmosphere to breed and make STARS. Our students fast becomes the person they do not yet realize they are going to be, allowing them freely take the next journey of their life. Our role and commitment is to help them achieve their goals by enabling them to see challenges ahead and be able to surmount them.

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