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Destiny Christian Academy’s multipurpose hall hosts TEDx Inaugural event.


TEDx is a program of independently organized local events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. TEDx events are licensed by TED, the nonprofit organization known for its conferences and talks that cover a wide range of topics in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, science, culture, and more. TEDx events are organized by volunteers in communities around the world and feature speakers and performers who share their ideas and stories in short, powerful talks.

What a revolutionary initiative.

Tom Ohalete

On March 1, 2024, Destiny Christian Academy’s multipurpose hall buzzed with intellectual fervor as the inaugural TEDx event unfolded under the theme of “The Revolution.”

With a lineup of inspiring speakers, the event aimed to ignite discussions, challenge perspectives, and inspire change. Here, we present a comprehensive report highlighting the key moments and insights shared during this groundbreaking event.

The inaugural TEDx Destiny Christian Academy event proved to be an enlightening and transformative experience, leaving attendees inspired to initiate positive change in their lives and communities. Through a diverse lineup of speakers and thought-provoking talks, the event successfully encapsulated the essence of “The Revolution” theme, encouraging individuals to challenge norms, embrace innovation, and embark on their own personal revolutions. As the curtains draw on this maiden TEDx journey, the echoes of inspiration and empowerment linger, promising a brighter future fueled by ideas worth spreading

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